Plastic straws can suck it! Did you know that the amount of straws used daily in the U.S. could fill over 127 school buses! 🚌🚌🚌 That’s equivalent to more than 46,400 school buses every year and that’s no joke! Next time you’re offered a straw, it’s as easy as saying “no thanks” to keep these straws out of our oceans and waterways.👍

Plastic straws have been ranked in the top 10 list of items found on the beach during beach clean-ups since 1989! Eliminating the unnecessary use of single-use plastic straws is a major policy initiative for us this year.

We are advocating to the city of Santa Monica to consider banning plastic straws or AT LEAST implementing a Straw Upon Request Only ordinance.

Join SurfriderLA Saturday, August 26 for a #nostrawbarcrawl! This bar crawl is an important step to expand outreach to Santa Monica establishments so we can work together to eliminate one of the most commonly found items on LA beaches.

The crawl is free! Register here and grab a limited edition #nostrawbarcrawl t-shirt and Surfrider Foundation membership while you’re at it. Cheers!