Los Angeles Chapter

Hold On To Your Butt


Over 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are littered every year. Most folks believe that cigarette filters are made of cotton or natural fibers when in fact they are made of cellulose acetate, fine plastics filaments with roughly 15 thousand strands per butt. The goal of the Hold Onto Your Butt program is to mitigate cigarette butt pollution in our community, raise awareness around the dangers of dirty butts in the environment, and inspire a new wave of conscientious smokers to know how to properly dispose of their dirty-dirty butts.

SFLA has ashcans established from Venice Beach to Sunset Point in the Pacific Palisades and are always looking for individuals and local businesses to adopt a can and help keep their corner of the community clean If you’re interested in Adopting an Ashcan, please send an email to us at hotyb@la.surfrider.org.

Butts collected through our ashcans are go on to live very exciting lives! Most of them are sent off to TerraCycle where they are upcycled into nifty, durable goods like ashtrays and park benches, while the lucky (relatively few) go on to fame and fortune in the functional art and craft of local spacemen.


Shop at Ralphs? An easy way to help us raise funds for this program is by registering or re-registering your Ralphs Rewards online. Ralphs will automatically donate a portion of sales to Surfrider LA every time you use your linked Ralphs Club card. Tell your friends! See image below for instructions.

* Participants are required to register for the new term online or by calling Ralphs at 800-443-4438.

HOTYB Ralphs

  • Go to www.ralphs.com,

  • Create an account or login to your already existing account.

  • Link you card by clicking on Community Rewards > Edit my community contribution.

  • Select SURFRIDER FOUNDATION #81266,  (be sure to select SurfriderLA chapter – ours is 81266)

  • Gas rewards will not be interrupted through this program! Community Contributions and individual fuel rewards are two different programs linked to your Ralph’s card and you’ll still earn gas rewards while earning money for Surfrider!